" Universe, Rift, Parallel Worlds, Annihilation, Reclamation "

The tale of breaking the endlessly repeating shackles of fate.

Cosmo Tree

The fruit of the Cosmo Tree, infused with the power of Kamasylvia, the origin of all things in the universe, contains the essence and truth of everything. Consuming this fruit grants enlightenment, while those not chosen perish instantly without a trace.


Due to Janus, the God of the end, betraying the balance of fate, once perfect, a fissure in the parallel worlds was created. Through this fissure entered creatures from another realm, thirsting for the power of the Cosmo.

Extinction of Humanity

Due to the disruption of the universe's balance, the Cosmo Tree, guardian of all things in Kamasylvia, collapsed. Consequently, its fragments scattered far into space, some accelerating and colliding with other planets, wreaking havoc. Like meteors, these fragments descended upon Earth, humanity's home. Riftures, craving the Cosmo, invaded Earth to absorb the fallen pieces, displacing humanity from their terrestrial habitat. Facing this unforeseen invasion, survivors sought refuge underground.

New Galaxy Lab

Led by former members of the renowned Galaxy Lab, which was once the pinnacle of human research, along with the brilliant scientist Ein, the New Galaxy Lab embarked on the first steps towards reclaiming Earth and rebuilding humanity.


Building upon the design established by Ein, the first leader of the New Galaxy Lab, her successor, Schröe, successfully materialized Ein as a holographic entity and created Akatriel, the ark of the underground world. Schröe, the chosen one capable of utilizing the power of the Cosmo, known as the Veil, could holographically materialize imagined concepts into tangible matter.

Subconscious System

During the extinction of humanity, those capable of fully embracing the power of the Cosmo fragments that fell to Earth, comprising only 5% of the entire human population, were called Veilers. They possess a system that stabilizes the subconsciousness of the Cosmo, known as the Veil, circulating within their bodies, enabling them to harness its power. However, if anomalies disrupt the subconsciousness, the balance of the Quantum Field is disturbed, rendering the Veil unusable.


Located in Eionia, the main city of Akatriel, this academy was established by Schröe for the purpose of terrestrial reclamation. Here, commanders and first-rank Veilers systematically nurture the next generation of Veilers, enabling them to utilize the veil more effectively based on their individual characteristics and abilities. It's worth noting that terrestrial reclamation involves facing unknown enemies, the Riftures, in life-threatening battles. Therefore, Veilers who fail the entrance tests are deemed unsuitable for practical deployment and cannot enroll in Orbis.

Real Arena

Based on data obtained from the First Terrestrial Reclamation, the system created by the New Galaxy Lab allows players to experience real-time combat with Riftures in a virtual world linked to reality. As the system is designed based on available data, the variety of Rifture types is somewhat limited, but the difficulty can be freely adjusted to match the player's abilities and is automatically adjusted by the system. This system is also utilized for testing eligibility to progress from the third-rank to the second-rank after enrollment in Orbis. Those who fail to qualify for the Real Arena are deemed unsuitable to remain in Orbis and are therefore rejected.

Orbit Rail

This public transportation system, developed by the New Galaxy Lab for Akatriel, serves as a means of transportation facilitating travel between various small cities, including the main city Eionia, and the ark gates connected to the surface.

Hologram World

Through Schröe's Veil abilities, the underground ark Akatriel has been materialized. Additionally, she has holographically recreated elements such as the fragrant scent of flowers, the refreshing breeze, the invigorating sea air, and freshly baked baguettes—things that were once taken for granted on the surface but are now considered extraordinary—to share with everyone.